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"What's the weather
like at the airport?"

Airport Weather 1.0

Use Airport Weather when you travel and want to know the weather conditions of your destination or just want to know what the weather is like in another part of the world. Airport Weather is an ICAO* browser. You can use it to find over 5000 weather reporting stations throughout the globe.

AP Weather enables you to search NOAA's public domain METAR server without having to remember over 5000 ICAO codes. An easy to use scroll wheel does not require typing (although type entry is an option) and you can find airports or weather stations throughout world within seconds.

You can add and easily edit up to 10 commonly used ICAO bookmarks.

Featured on iTunes "What's Hot"!

Additional Feature: Access to current geostationary weather satellite data through NOAA. You can use the global satellite maps to track weather patterns and hurricanes.

AP Weather is a great way to learn ICAO codes.

*The ICAO airport code is a four letter code designating each airport around the world. These codes are defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization and are used by air traffic control and airline operations such as flight planning.

†Use of ICAO METAR data by this program does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation,or favoring by NOAA, or the International Civil Aviation Organization. METAR data is provided by NOAA. You can find more information at:


Simple, yet effective application!
This application puts the boundless information gathered from airports from around the world at your fingertips! With a quick search based on airport code you can pull up weather information in real time. One of the more interesting parts of the application is the ability to pull up thermal weather data for anywhere in the world! If you are looking for an application that gives you quick access to weather from around the world then look no longer!

Great App!
This is a great application! The information is accurate, and the data loads quickly. Also, the layout makes it easy to use. Well worth the money!!


This is quick and easy to use. I can spin the wheel to find the weather in Iceland or Australia, or anywhere else on the planet. It's really complete, with even little tiny airports in tiny little countries (where is Palau?). I kind of like the flags for each country. Everything is listed by the regular town/city name, or if you know the airport code you can just type it in. This is great for travelers, and I set bookmarks for the airports that I fly to. The info is pretty complete with temp, windspeed, visibility, etc. Best for me: easy to read type!